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Canon EOS RP – full-frame mirrorless for everyone

Canon has expanded its EOS R camera line to a model without some elements of the flagship current EOS R, which allowed to lower the price of this mirrorless camera. And yet we are wondering if this is a good step?

The Canon Mode EOS R button uses the Mode button, which in combination with the control knob allows you to change the operating mode. This mode as well as many other parameters, which can be configured only by buttons on the housing, are displayed on the secondary square preview screen.

In the Canon EOS RP, the display disappeared and replaced by a knob (recessed similarly to other controls in the upper housing panel) with a classic PTVAvM shooting system for Canon, as well as access to three user modes. The controversial touch bar has disappeared under the right thumb and maybe we will not be crying after it, but why not use the available space to place a joystick useful eg when changing the position of the AF point. The omnidirectional selector used in EOS R and RP is suitable for navigating the menus, but moving the AF point is inconvenient.

The other control knobs have not changed their position, but instead of the locking button (Lock) we now have a lever, which becomes understandable after a while. The hand grip in EOS RP is shallower, and this will seriously affect the comfort of the grip (at least in my case).

On the back wall we will find the same arrangement of control elements, but at slightly different distances, which are a consequence of using a smaller electronic viewfinder and reducing the same height of the whole housing. Canon moved the proximity sensor to the side of the viewfinder opening (in EOS R it was placed underneath).

The front of the camera is similar, but the reduced dimensions of the body (132.5 x 85 x 70 mm) translate into other profiling of parts of the elements. Attention is also given only to individual microphone openings used during filming.

No flash, and the battery is faint

Smaller dimensions also mean lower body weight (it is not sealed unlike EOS R). It is only 440 grams (485 with battery) which makes this camera extremely light in its class. The body is sealed. This lightness is also a weaker battery (LP-E17 is used), although I prefer not to discuss its performance (according to the instructions, it’s only 250 pictures). It’s good that you can charge it with a USB charger.

We look inside Canon EOS RP – the fastest AF in its class

Inside the camera there is a CMOS sensor with a resolution of 26.6 megapixels (photos with a resolution of 6240 x 4160 pixels) with the fastest full-frame mirrorless cameras DualPixel AF system (4779 positions of the focus point, sharpness 0.05 s, sensitivity -5EV) and eye detection function (Eye AF). These parameters became a source of allegations before the premiere, because it was suspected that it was the same sensor as the Canon EOS 6D Mark II. In practice, it’s a different arrangement.

Canon has also used the newer DIGIC 8 image processor. The ISO sensitivity range is from 100 to 40,000, and after the extension from 50 to 102400. It’s a pity that the serial mode is only 5 fps (buffer for 50 RAW images), and for AF tracking only 4 fps, but you can not have everything at once. The mechanical shutter opens in time from 30 to 1/4000 of a second or Bulb.

Canon EOS RP similarly to EOS R does not have built-in matrix stabilization, but introduced the Dual Sensing IS technique, which allows better cooperation of lens stabilization with the body thanks to the stabilization of data from the camera matrix.

The mentioned electronic viewfinder has weaker parameters than the one in EOS R. We get the resolution of only 2360 thousand. points and 0.7x magnification. The rear tilt-rotary touch screen has a diagonal of 3 inches and a resolution of 1040 thousand. points (twice less than in EOS R).

Price for everyone, but it’s still just a corpus

How much changes in the Canon EOS RP body, smaller size and weight, lower specification here and there, translates into the price of the camera? Canon EOS RP will go on sale at the end of February. The corps has been priced at 1,400 euros (price with an EF – EOS R lens adapter). There will also be a classic set with a RF 24-105mm f / 4L IS USM lens, which was valued at 2499 euros.

So we get a camera that is cheaper than EOS R, but if it’s a system, speaking about the price should be considered the cost of both the body and the lenses. And here we do not have glasses that can be considered cheap.

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