Genesis Helium 400BT – Big BANG for the buck!

The virtually twin box, as in the case of the previously tested model, welcomes us after unpacking the polystyrene liner, holding in check two quite large rectangular satellites, additionally secured by a foil pouch. In addition, a short instruction manual awaits you in the box, AUX cables terminated with a 3.5 mm jack, length 140 cm, two-core (150 mm) aluminum for connecting both satellites and a traditional power cord with a length of 140 mm.

The loudspeakers themselves are not so simple, however, and Genesis has tried to get them done. The two satellites are composed of minimalistic rectangular “boxes” made of wood, but at the front a thin plywood replaced the plastic cut at angles on the edges, creating the effect of high-end speakers. A qualitative leap from Helium 200 can be seen at the same construction as on the palm of your hand – more expensive loudspeakers are much heavier, located on the bottom of the pad are not a simple felt addition, but actually useful (because non-slip) rubber circles, which, however, are not the most beautiful, which is manifested by the gentle wobbling of the speakers when touched.

The most important was obviously at the front, where just above the silver-plated logo and the name of the manufacturer was the main red membrane with bass characteristics. A fully functional tweeter came right over it, not just an ornament. Although during the test I was sure that it is inactive, but I sought information at the source, which shows that the tweeter in the Helium 400BT actually works. The high-quality appearance is in turn a smooth texture of the whole with perfectly matched colors of matt black.

On the back of the speakers there is space for a zero-one switch, cable outlet, two-wire connection of both speakers with each other and a traditional connection of two RCA connectors to the 3.5 mm jack. In turn, the right side of the right satellite completes the small command center with three knobs (loudness, bass and treble intensities) and the button responsible for changing the mode of operation.

Bluetooth Mode

The distinctive feature of the Helium 400BT is of course the presence of a Bluetooth module on board. This makes the speakers can only be heard when they are connected to the power supply. Of course, if we decide to pair them with, for example, our smartphone. Admittedly, we’ll get higher quality with wired mode, but this add-on is damn useful because it does not force us to run a computer, for example, to let go of something in the background.

Sound rating

At the Helium 200 test, I found that the loudspeakers are far from satisfying the most demanding ones and unfortunately I have to repeat myself with the Helium 400BT. The difference in the quality of the sound is audible, but rather not in the matter of detail, but in a characteristic that is much more bass-like and detailed in the matter of treble. Of course, by the time, because after boosting the bass to the max by using the knob and conquering the volume to the extreme level, the quality drops noticeably. However, the soundproofing of one room is not one of the special challenges for the Helium 400BT, which can cope with the whole house … and the neighborhood.


We get good sound quality (of course, in my opinion – quite demanding, but definitely not belonging to audiophiles), and in addition we can enjoy the uncompromising performance and unseasonable (as I call it) “gaming smart”, which should fit into most sets . Helium 400BT, however, beats one thing – Bluetooth mode, which frees us from the need to connect the smartphone with a cable or computer startup

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